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Heirloom Quality Leather Goods

The best natural full grain leather that ages beautifully - handcrafted with traditional saddlery techniques and a philosophy of designing for a lifetime - an ethos that's impossible to find in the sea of mass-produced goods.

Built to Last

We use time-honored saddlery techniques designed for longevity. No compromises. Every seam, every stress point is over-engineered to last a lifetime.

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New! Slim Wallets

Designed with a focus on maintaining a slim form factor in full grain leather. Well suited for carrying cards and cash. Made for someone seeking an alternative to traditional/classic bifold wallets. These wallets have fewer compartments, and fewer layers of leather making them much slimmer than our "Classic Wallet" series.

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Simple. Functional.

We stay far, far away from impractical designs, in favor of utility. This makes our products a seamless part of your life for many years to come.

Behind the Scenes

how we handcraft our leather gear

What started as a passion project has today evolved into a dedicated workshop. We hired and trained each and every one of our craftsmen in the art of fine leatherworking. Every day is a learning process! Each product is 100% handmade by a single craftsman from start to finish.

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