What's a Patina? Let's take a look!

What's a Patina? Let's take a look!

The beauty of vegetable tanned leather is in the patina it develops over time. It is also a mark of authenticity. If a leather develops a deep and rich patina over time, you know it a good leather!

Since Wickett and Craig is such a beloved leather, it's not hard to find folks showing off their wallets and belts, showcasing the patina with pride. And for the Harness leather in particular.

Here are a few examples:

This is the Buck Brown harness leather - new vs. used for a few months. Photo courtesy Wickett & Craig's Instagram account.


This next example is the ultimate extreme of what a belt can look like if abused heavily. This is a Russet colored Harness Leather from Wickett&Craig (probably not glazed). To get such a patina, you'd be exposing the belt to very intense conditions. Most likely, your Russet belt will not see such a drastic patina if you use it indoors and in a moderate temperature range. Picture from Instagram, by @oldironforgeandleather

This next one is a wallet by Lost Dutchman Leather, and that is a Russet colored glazed Harness wallet. When new, it will start out as a more even color and then, over the years, it develops hues and shades because of folding and creasing, making the oils move around inside the leather, and causing what is called a 'patina' - a distinct character of natural leather that makes it age uniquely depending on how it is used and handled everyday.


And finally, shown below are pictures of our very own Harness leather wallet in Mahogany. This one has been just cleaned and conditioned but overall, the owner has kept this wallet in top shape. It has seen 3 years of use.

I had made a video back in 2018 about Patina on Harness Leather. We used to make wallets with this leather back then. I don't have pictures but you can watch the video and take a look at the patina that has developed on the leather -



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@Alok, watch straps might be next in line. Stay tuned!
@Nitin, we can ship internationally to Australia. Currently using DHL, but working on getting better shipping rates. Stay tuned!


Please make some watch straps with Full grain leather.
Please think about it.
Thanks 🙏🙏🙏


Hello Gaurav, are you able to ship products overseas; specifically, to Australia? Thanks, Nitin

Nitin Gupta

Hi Rajesh,
In theory that’s possible, but I would really need to take a look at what you have in mind to give you a better answer. Please send us an email to the email address mentioned in the website footer.


Will you be able to make a custom bi fold wallet as a one off and maybe you can add it to your portfolio if you like the design

Rajesh Rai

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