A Guide to Godbolé Gear Wallets

What distinguishes our wallets from the crowd?

A. Made with full grain, vegetable tanned leather. This is the best grade of leather money can buy and is it's rare to find wallets made with this leather.

B. Design decisions made with longevity as the main parameter - hence every wallet is made with ~ 1.2 mm thick leather. No fillers, no cloth liners used. The wallet gets its form due to the leather itself. 

B. Hand stitched with precision and designed to last a lifetime.

What to expect from your wallet?

Since each wallet is made with full grain, vegetable tanned leather, it will feel stiff to begin with. Over time, it will expand to accommodate more cards and cash. As the leather ages, it will darken / develop a deeper colour around the edges and folds. This is the hallmark of authentic, well-made leather.

All righty, now that we got that out of the way, here's a nifty guide to zero in on your perfect wallet:

Collections by Godbolé Gear

We make wallets in four types:
Classic Wallets - Standard classic design with 6 main card slots, 2 back pockets (one on each flap) behind the card slots, and a cash compartment
Slim Wallets - Sleeker than the traditional, classic bifolds - the sleekness is achieved by reducing the number of pockets. Strength of these wallets is not compromised to achieve the desired slim version.
Card Wallets - Available in bifold designs and card sleeve versions, all our card wallets can carry some cash as well.
Long Wallets - Coat wallets and ladies' wallets with a long and sleek form with a carrying capacity for 8-10 cards and two cash pockets

Monogramming service available. We create a custom brass stamp for each monogram, and deboss your name or initials onto the leather, making it a permanent monogram that won't fade away. This service is available at a charge of Rs. 500, for up to 3 characters, in the Times New Roman font, and a font height of 4 mm. 

If you would like something other than the above monogrammed, please contact us to discuss further.

Leather Options: 

We specialize in making leather wallets using only leather that meets very specific criteria. We procure leather from a select few tanneries that are able to provide us with authentic full grain, vegetable tanned leather 

This leather is hand curated by tanneries, as only 10% of all available leather hides can be used to make this leather. It has a lot of beautiful natural markings and is tanned using eco-friendly tanning agents and processes.

Our primary sources of leather are Chennai and Tuscany. Our previous designs - some of which may be available on the website - were made with leather from USA and Calcutta. 

Compare the 3 most popular Wallets Types
Classic Wallets
Slim Wallets
Card Wallets
Design and Build
Full feature wallets with an old-school and heavy set build Full feature wallets with a slim profile - internal design has been streamlined to carry almost as much as the traditional bifolds Small wallets to store credit cards or business cards, and limited cash
Used For
Most popular type of wallet design widely used as the goto wallet by many men Wallets with a slimmer profile are popular because they reduce pocket bulge. Our slim wallets have fewer pockets, with a similar cash carrying capacity These wallets allow you to store your cards safely, and neatly organized. 
Often used in combination with another slim wallet to carry cash, or as a replacement.
Available Customizations

Choose between 1 or 2 cash pockets

Monogramming Available

Monogramming Available
Monogramming Available
Card Capacity

Based on number of card slots - each card slot can carry two cards given the robust construction and allowances made during wallet design.

Based on type of card slots - each card slot can carry two cards given the robust construction and allowances made during wallet design.

Can carry between 8 - 12 cards depending on wallet design

Cash Capacity Indicative numbers since everybody has a different way of using their wallet

Maximum capacity between 30-40 bills

Lesser capacity of around 20-25 bills

Variable, depending on number of cards stored. Around 15 bills (folded up ) in some versions

SLIM Wallets