New Dopp Kits have arrived!

New Dopp Kits have arrived!

What is a Dopp Kit, anyway?

A dopp kit is a small bag or case used to hold toiletries and personal grooming items, typically used when traveling. It is also called a toiletry bag or a wash bag. The name "dopp kit" is believed to have originated from the early 20th century, when a leather craftsman named Charles Doppelt created a similar bag for the US Army during World War II. Since then, the name "dopp kit" has become a colloquialism for any type of toiletry bag.      

Who is this Dopp Kit for?

This Dopp Kit is for someone who is a true blue leather aficionado. 

It makes a very satisfying creaking sound when handled and smells just as good as it sounds.

We've created a dopp kit completely with leather, outside and inside. The exterior is made with vegetable tanned buffalo full grain hide. It is a firm, tough-as-nails leather that provides a lot of body to the Dopp Kit. The inside is lined with genuine suede leather lining, providing a soft shell interior.

The overall thickness of the dopp kit comes to around 3 mm. It features a durable brass zipper, making it a very robust, lifetime kind of companion. 

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The Dopp Kit in Chestnut

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