Lifelong Key Fob - Leather Wedge
Lifelong Key Fob - Leather Wedge
Lifelong Key Fob - Leather Wedge
Lifelong Key Fob - Leather Wedge
Lifelong Key Fob - Leather Wedge
Lifelong Key Fob - Leather Wedge

Lifelong Key Fob - Leather Wedge

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What's so special about a key ring? When we make one, we make sure its built to last.

Its a tiny object but we make a big deal about it. The designs for our key rings are as well thought out as our bigger products.

We think about how it sits in your hand, how it feels when you touch it and how many years it can be of service to you. Like many of our customers have said, they feel the difference after holding it.

Made using the best full grain leather and a heavy duty solid brass key ring. Hand stitched and padded with leather as well. While most other leather key fobs on the market peel, tear or crack within a year, these will last for ten, twenty, thirty years and counting.


Available in three colors - Mahogany, Buck Brown, London Tan

Key Ring available only in polished brass finish.


Length (including key ring) - 11.5 cm

Width - 3.5 cm at widest point

Diameter of Key Ring 3.5 cm Diameter


Full Grain Leather

Tannage: Vegetable Tanned Cowhide
Type: Harness (traditionally used for making harnesses for horses)
Finish: Naked
Source: North American Cow Hide. Tanned in the USA
Hand: Smooth and firm
Patina: Develops a deep and rich patina. Becomes darker and glossier the more it is used and cared for.


Made in Germany, Braided Waxed Polyester, Rated Strength 20 kg


Every key tab is carefully hand stitched using a single thread and two needles. This is a time honored saddlery technique called  saddle-stitching that makes a very durable seam. The stitching will not unravel easily even if a couple of stitches break (unlikely since our thread has enough strength to hold up 20 kgs).

It takes 2 hours to carefully cut, hand stitch and edge burnish this key tab. We maintain accuracy in our handmade goods.


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