FlatLay Notebook Covers

For distraction-free, smooth writing

If you find joy in putting pen to paper - journaling, doodling, writing, you will love the FlatLay - a mindfully designed, elegant notebook cover that allows a singular focus on writing well. If you have a favorite notebook, then the FlatLay is about to become your notebook's go-to companion. Compatible with A5 and A6 sizes. Built to last a lifetime.

Morning Musings & Some Spilled Chai

The Idea Behind The FlatLay Cover


I was sitting at my desk, sipping my adrak chai, morning sunshine ☀️streaming in the window. I was feeling quite creative that morning and reached for my notebook to jot down some design inspirations from my morning musings. Ah, life felt real good. Until...

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My notebook was encased in a leather cover. As I started to sketch and write my ideas, I felt a bit irritated at the visual chaos in my writing sanctuary. "Important" pieces of paper had built up in the pockets over time.

A piece of paper slipped out and flitted towards the floor. I ignored it. That wasn't going to interrupt my flow. I continued writing, determined to finish my thoughts before they evaporated into thin air by the end of the day. I turned a page, and next thing I knew more loose papers fell out of the back pocket. Okay...it was kinda hard to ignore that.

I reached to pick them up and in a sudden second, there was chaos all around! I toppled over my cup, the cat jumped off the table, the notebook was soaked and the dog started lapping up the tea from the floor. "Really! How? Why is this happening to me now? 

After some choice expletives, I calmed down, cleaning up the mess and pondering over life's little joys - like my morning chai ritual, and the luxury of writing without interruptions. 

I yearned for flow-state

I thought about all the nagging little distractions that interrupted my flow while writing.

I thought about the ridges on the back of the cover, of all the the odds and ends in the pockets. I thought about the button closure that obstructed my hand whenever I reached the end of a line, as I wrote across the page. I thought about all the business cards stored in there. I couldn't honestly remember the last time I had used these relics.

It was a revelatory moment – clarity demanded simplicity

And that is when the scales tipped. My yearning for flow state led to a multitude of ideas, and I could visualize how they would all come together into designing a "simple" notebook cover. Read on...

"That's it!" I declared to a now deserted room. I am going to make a leather cover to carry less, not more.

A notebook cover that serves one purpose, and one purpose only - to house my notebook, my pen, and nothing else.

Design Philosophy

in quest of flow state

As humans of the 21st century, we are enamoured with the idea of improving focus in our lives. Yet, notebook covers seem to be a roadblock to distraction-free writing. They often feature multiple pockets that focus on carrying more, not less. They are too bulky or cluttered with things such as cards, pens, loose papers.

On the other hand, there are basic covers, that essentially feature one piece of leather with a cord running down the middle. They lack body (and sophistication) and don't offer full support to the notebook.

We designed the FlatLay Notebook Cover keeping in mind the writing aficionados' needs. It features no ridges or uneven curves. It provides a safe haven for your notebook and actually aids smooth writing.

Why do you need the FlatLay?

The last thing you want is a busy notebook cover that takes you away from your writing or sketching. This notebook cover lets you focus on writing alone, and nothing else. It is designed to be a perfect companion for your go-to notebook, and brings out the best in lay-flat notebooks like Midoris, Hobonichis, Rhodias and more. The symmetrical layout and flat panels help keep your notebook in perfect shape. 




    What is all this talk about lay-flat design, you wonder?

    This notebook lays flat on the desk, and the cover doesn't get in the way of smooth writing. This is because the FlatLay features no spine; it has no seams, no bumps and no protrusions in the writing area. Oh, and if you own one of those notebooks that feature a lay-flat binding, then rest assured that the FlatLay will further elevate your writing experience. 

  • Pen Loop with Closure



    The FlatLay features a pen loop to keep your favorite pen always close to hand. The 2-loop system doubles up as a simple and effective closing system for the notebook.

    • Deliberately positioned on the edge of the notebook to allow for a clear writing surface with no protrusions. 
    • Over time, the standard button closure found in all notebook covers forms itself into a permanently curved shape, and obstructs writing. This pen loop closure is a smart alternative.
    • Ambidextrous design - The design details are symmetrical whether you prefer a left handed or right handed configuration.

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FlatLay Leather Cover for Notebook

FlatLay Leather Cover for Notebook

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**Update: Mahogany Color is now available!**


  • Full Grain Leather Notebook Cover
  • Fully Lined Leather Interior and two slip pockets. All layers are made with the same leather
  • 2-Loop Pen Holder + Closure
  • Features a striking hand boarded effect on the inside leather panel, in the fold area


A5 FlatLay COVER Designed For Notebooks With:

  • Thickness Max 1.8 cm
  • Height Max = 21 cm
  • Width Max = 15 cm

A6 FlatLay COVER Designed For Notebooks With:

  • Thickness Max 1.8 cm
  • Height Max = 15 cm
  • Width Max = 10.5 cm

Recommended usage: Slip in one cover page of your notebook into one of the inside pockets of the FlatLay, and the second pocket is free for other uses

Ambidextrous design: The design details are symmetrical whether you prefer a left handed or right handed configuration

Monogram Option on the Notebook Front - Monogram your name, crest, or any text. Our Logo will be featured inside

Which Notebooks Will Fit the FlatLay?

A5 FlatLay COVER Designed For Notebooks With:

  • Thickness Max 1.8 cm
  • Height Max = 21 cm
  • Width Max = 15 cm

A6 FlatLay COVER Designed For Notebooks With:

  • Thickness Max 1.8 cm
  • Height Max = 15 cm
  • Width Max = 10.5 cm

If your notebook is very different in size than these max dimensions, please email us the dimensions so that we can make a custom size for you.


  • You are purchasing a notebook cover; Notebook and pen not included
  • No Refunds for notebook-to-cover fit issues. To avoid heartache, we sincerely urge you to make note of sizes that fit in the FlatLay cover (stated above) and email us your questions prior to purchase. We're here to help!

Click to email contact@godbolegear.com for immediate Help

Monogramming Options

Postion of the Monogram: On the Notebook Front - Bottom Right Corner. Monogram your name, crest, or any text. Our Logo will be featured inside.

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    Completely handmade with carefully selected full grain leather from Chennai. There may be blemishes or scarring visible in some areas. But these do not in anyway impact the integrity of the leather.

    Unlike PU leather or "genuine" leather, this leather will not peel over time because it included the top layer (grain) of natural leather.

    The FlatLay is made with 100% full grain leather and nothing else. No fillers, no fabric, no compromises.

    This is a full grain natural vegetable tanned leather. Each panel looks slightly different because of natural color variation across the hide, veins, scars or tiny insect bites on the animal's skin. 

    This leather is strong and resilient . It takes whatever life throws at it and develops a unique patina over time and will age beautifully.


    You FlatLay cover will be hand stitched with a German thread and two needles, with the 'saddle-stitching' technique, making a tiny knot after each stitch; it is impossible for any seam to come apart on its own.

    Hermés is one of the very few luxury brands that stitches their bags using the saddle stitching technique.

    The edges of the FlatLay cover are not coated with any edge paint. Instead, the edges are sealed by beautifully hand burnishing them to a tough and smooth shine.

Common Questions

Can you make a custom size notebook for me?

Absolutely! If your notebook is veyr different in size from the A5 or A6, please send us a message through the form below, and mention the size (length, width, thickness) of your notebook in centimeters and we will accordingly make a custom cover for you.

Can you ship to my country?

Yes, most likely we can. The cost of shipping goes down with multiple items ordered. So, for international shipping, email us ( contact@godbolegear.com ) your pin code/zip code for the most accurate quote on shipping rates.

More Questions? We're here to help.