Leather Covers for Notebooks


Writing Aficionados, rejoice! Very soon, we're launching notebook covers that provide a perfect balance of sophistication and functionality. Finally, a notebook cover that perfectly complements your go-to notebook including specialty notebooks like Hobonichis, Midoris, Rhodias and others.

Pre-Orders Start Soon!


The preorder event will run for 7 days. Notebook Covers will be priced between Rs. 4k - 6k (Approx). Backers will get 10% off full price. Interested? Sign up now to receive launch-day notification and a 10% off code!

Design Philosophy

We set out to create a notebook cover that helps you write well in your chosen notebook. As humans of the 21st century, we are enamoured with the idea of improving focus in our lives.

Yet, notebook covers seem to be a roadblock to distraction-free writing. They often feature multiple pockets that focus on carrying more, not less. They are too bulky or cluttered with things such as cards, pens, loose papers.

On the other hand, there are basic covers, that essentially feature one piece of leather with a cord running down the middle. They lack body (and sophistication) and don't offer full support to the notebook.

Why do I need this Notebook Cover?

We designed this Notebook Cover keeping in mind the writing aficionados' needs. It provides a safe haven for your notebook and features no ridges or uneven curves, providing a smooth writing experience.

The cover will be especially complementary to flat-lay notebooks with expert binding ( Midori, Hobonichi etc.), ensuring the notebook cover works alongside the notebook to make it a joy to write or draw in, as was intended by the notebook designers. Whether you are on the first page, or last.

Made with buffalo calf full grain leather from India. This is a firm, semi-smooth leather that can brave the elements well. Nourish it once in a while with our Leather Balm, and it will develop a wonderful patina over the years. This is the same leather we use for all our wallets since 2022.

Features & Options

Sizes - A5 & A6

Works well for all A5 and A6 notebooks. Have another size in mind? Get in touch with us at our email contact@godbolegear.com

Add-On Pockets

The design features two full length slip-in pockets. Your notebook flap goes into one pocket. The other pocket is free for other uses.

However, if you need more pockets, let us know your requirements at contact@godbolegear.com and we will take that into design consideratoin.

Monogramming Options

Monogram your name, crest, or any text on the front. Our Logo will be featured inside

Colors - Chestnut & Black

More colors may be introduced if we have enough backers.

Pen Loop & Closure

A clever design with a pen loop that doubles up as a closure. Works very well with most pens. If you have questions/requests about this, email us!

Pre-Orders Start Soon!

2 Sizes: A6 and A5. The preorder event will run for 7 days. Share your email below to receive launch-day notification and a 10% off code.