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Coin Pocket Wallet - Dual Tone

Coin Pocket Wallet - Dual Tone

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A classic leather wallet with a coin pocket. This leather wallet is handmade with authentic vegetable tanned full grain leather. Holds 6-8 cards and a whole lot of cash. The coin compartment can alternatively be used for holding a key, a SIM card or a small photo. We can make this wallet for you with one or two cash pockets. 

The divider between two cash compartments is also made with the same leather as rest of the wallet.

A note on the design: The coin pocket does not feature a closure. This is deliberate to avoid any bulging snap buttons and retain the shape of the wallet better. The leather flap has 'muscle memory'. It appears very firm in the beginning, but will close on itself with regular daily use.

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  • Stitching with Black Thread

  • Stitching with White Thread

  • Stitching with Chestnut Thread

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Wallet Specifications


Wallet Dimensions Are:

For single cash pocket wallet:
- 4.5 in wide x 3.5 in tall (closed position)
- Thickness: 8-10 mm at edge, 12-14 mm towards center
For double cash pocket wallet:
- 4.75 in wide x 3.5 in tall (closed position)
- 10-12 mm at edge, 14-16 mm towards center

Color Information

Leather Color Options are Chestnut and Black. Thread Color Options are Black, Chestnut and White. For other combinations from the website, email us your enquiry at

Detailed Information on Leather, Thread and other Materials

This product has been made from select hides from the best grade of leather.


Type: Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned

Feel: Firm and supple

Patina: Becomes glossier and smoother over time. High patina potential

Leather Thickness: 1.2 mm

Flesh (back) side: Smooth. Finished with gum tragacanth

Animal: Buffalo Calf

Source: India


Type: Braided Waxed Polyester 0.6 mm, Rated Strength 20 kg

Source: Julius Koch, Germany.


Gum tragacanth, Beeswax. Source: India


Ships in eco-friendly packaging.


Completely handmade with carefully selected full grain leather. Hand stitched using the saddle stitching technique using German thread, and edges are burnished beautifully.

Will develop a unique patina as it ages. For best results, clean and condition with our in-house leather care kit.

Built to Last

no fillers, no compromises

This leather wallet has been designed and built to last a lifetime. It has been meticulously handcrafted with 1.2 mm thick full grain leather and traditional saddlery techniques.

What is Saddle Stitching?

2 Hands, 2 needles, waxed thread

We hand stitch our wallets with a single thread and two needles - This technique is called saddle stitching. Hermés is one of the very few luxury brands that stitches their bags using the saddle stitching technique. Basically, a tiny knot is made between each stitch, making it virtually impossible for the stitches to come off or unravel. While sewing machines can stitch much more faster, they cannot compete with the saddle stitch when it comes to durability of seams.

Making a Godbolé wallet

handcrafted for longevity

Handcrafting our wallets takes much longer than modern making techniques. It takes 8-10 hours to carefully cut, hand stitch and edge burnish the coin pocket wallet. We use the saddle stitching technique and a German thread, to ensure there are no broken stitches in the long run. Our leather is 1.2 mm thick to withstand the test of time.

Caring for Your Godbolé Leather Goods

with some love & care, they will stand by your side for the rest of your life

Clean and condition your leather goods every 6 months, or sooner if necessary. Never use harsh chemicals or detergents. Do not leave out in high heat environments (over 45C) for prolonged periods of time. Read complete care instructions here.

Explore Leather Care


Our leather will develop a unique patina as it ages. With use, it will develop a nice sheen and 'tan' over time. Every person's usage conditions are different, and this leads to a unique patina for everyone! This is a hallmark of the best grade of leather.

How to take care of your Godbolé Wallet?

To make sure the leather stays in good shape, clean and condition with our in-house leather care kit.

As long as you follow the care regimen once every 3-6 months, your leather product will be by your side for the rest of your life.

While we use the best in class materials and making techniques, with a focus on longevity, leather is a natural material that can get damaged over time depending on usage conditions, such as excessive exposure to sweat, or high heat conditions.

This type of damage does not happen overnight. This damage does not happen to each and every wallet. Most of it depends on your usage patterns. Preventative maintenance is the best antidote to make sure your leather product stays in top shape. This does not affect the patina process, but make the leather resilient to the elements.

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