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The black lifetime belt is perfect for a monochrome black look. The high quality hardware and the Wickett & Craig Bridle leather mean that it will stand by your side your entire life. Something that's dependable and brings you joy everyday. The lifetime belt will fit into your life for exactly this reason.

In Quest of Superior Quality

What's so special about this belt?

The lifetime belt is made with a serious piece of 5 mm thick leather. The leather comes from Wickett & Craig - the oldest tannery in America.

Slowly vegetable tanned with tree bark over a period of 1.5 months, the master tanners at Wickett & Craig have a deep understanding of this rare tanning process passed down since 1887.

The buckle is special too. It is made with solid brass, and then coated with an extremely tough and durable coating that is not going to peel and crack, unlike ordinary black coatings. This process of coating is called 'Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)'

The belt is hand-cut, hand-stitched and the edges are burnished to a near glassy finish. We are choosing to not dye the leather edge. This burnished edge deserves to be noticed.

1 inch wide belt with a standard black buckle option

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How does Pre-ordering Work?

We will run the Lifetime Belts campaign for one month (April 2nd to May 1st). At the end of one month, based on the number of pre-orders, we will be procuring the required quantity of vegetable-tanned full grain leather from America. Once the leather arrives, the lifetime belts will be handmade in our workshop near Mumbai, and finally shipped out. So, yes there will be around 3 months time to get your hands on the belt after you place an order.

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Crafting for Longevity

making sure the lifetime belt is designed to 'not fail'

"Regular" belts fail in all sorts of ways. To address that, the first and most important thing we have done, is that we've selected the right kind of leather. Let's look at what else I have planned for your Lifetime Belt. I have incorporated simple yet powerful techniques - not often used in 99.9% belts out there, sometimes to cut costs, or at other times because of plain lack of know-how.

Over the years I have made close to 500 belts. Might not seem like much. But when you spend 4 hours making a single belt and then do it 500 times, you really get time to think about the function, design, why things are made a certain way, why things might break, what could be done better.

Locating Good Leather

Thick full grain leather that will brave the elements

The leather needs to be full grain, thick, strong, supple and should not stretch. Let’s get leather made from one of the oldest tanneries in America - Wickett & Craig. Wickett & Craig has focused, since 1887, on making some of the best full grain, vegetable tanned leather worldwide. That is quite literally all they do. The fact that most of their leather is used for making saddles and saddlery is a testament to its strength and durability.

We are bringing leather directly from Wickett & Craig, world-renowned makers of exceptional vegetable tanned leather since 1887. Pic Courtesy: Wickett&Craig Tannery, Pennsylvania

I chose Wickett & Craig, because I really like how their leather feels. Located in in the little town of Curwensville, Pennsylvania, they have a deep knowledge and understanding of their leather. Their master tanners and curriers have passed on their knowledge for generations since 1887. Their leather smells good, just how leather should smell - a woody and earthy smell that's not pungent.

And most importantly, they have the right type of leather that will make fantastic belts. 5 mm thick, vegetable tanned leather tanned just right to last a lifetime. Well cared for, this belt will last……an eternity.

In all seriousness though, the fact is that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my belt after ten years of use.

Watch Video

Our belts will be made with leather from one of the best tanneries in the world. This vegetable tanned leather takes six(6) weeks to make, vs chrome tanned leather that can be made in one day. Video Courtesy: Wickett&Craig Tannery

It will be an understatement to say that these belts are special. The leather is from Wickett & Craig, one of the most renowned tanneries based in America. These folks have been making vegetable tanned leather since 1887. Many specialty leather goods brands from America and Europe turn to them for leather. Tanner Goods, Florsheim, Filsons and Nicks Boots - to name a few.

What is Harness Leather?

traditionally used for saddlery, makes excellent belts

The Harness leather is very special. It’s got all the oils and waxes that the leather would need for at least a few years of getting drenched in the rain. It's also more supple which means the belt “breaks-in” to your waist quicker. Easier to wear. Harness patina’s well too.

Due to the high oil and wax content in the leather, Harness leather also takes on dings and dents more readily than other leathers, developing a very striking character over time.

Important! Please Read About Delivery Timelines


This is a pre-order event. Which means that we will be delivering your order after procuring leather, hardware and making your belt, all of which will take between 70-100 days (~3 months) from the date of the campaign launch.

Please Note - These timelines are fair estimates based on our past experience of working with this tannery, importing leather via customs, and handcrafting time. In the event of unforseen occurences, it is possible that there may be delays. But we are always here to provide you with updates. Plan B: Given the recent events in the world (pandemic, wars, earthquakes and floods), and that we are going to import the leather from USA, we have a contingency plan. We have a couple of alternate sources for the same leather, possibly 4 mm thick (not 5mm, as would be from the tannery). Rest assured, we will be able to complete your order with this leather that will be sourced from a distributor, not the tannery. It's good to have a Plan B, we will most likely not need to use it. And in case we use plan B, we will let you know before we make your order.

Keeping track of your order - We will be posting regular updates on: Email, our Blog and on Instagram (@godbolegear).


We will not be able to provide any refunds or cancellations once you have placed an order. Replacements will of course be made in case of manufacturing defects or sizing issues. If we go with Plan B (see paragraph above), and you are not interested in participating in Plan B, you are eligible to apply for a refund. Store credit will be offered in case you wish to return your belt for reasons other than the above. The store credit will be applied to your Godbolé Gear account or converted in the form of a Gift Card, after the campaign has ended. In case none of the above works for you, we will take up your concern on a case by case basis. Don't worry, we are here to hear your concerns!


Please email us at with your country and zip code if you'd like a belt shipped outside India. We will let you know the shipping fee.

Common Questions

Can you ship to my country?

Yes, most likely we can. The cost of shipping goes down with multiple items ordered. So, for international shipping, email us ( ) your pin code/zip code for the most accurate quote on shipping rates.

Can I order after the Campaign Ends?

No, it doesn't work like that! The earlier you place an order, the higher the chance of a successful campaign. This enables us to import leather in larger quantities, making it viable for shipping. No new orders will be accepted after May 1st. On May 2nd, we will place an order with the tannery in USA based on number of orders received.

Can I change my choice of colour or belt after I place my order?

Yes, as long as you do so before April 30th. If you have an additional colour request you'd like to make, email us at

Can I get the higher discount even if I order belts separately?

Yes, absolutely! Spread the word, get together with friends to place a bigger order, and get a larger discount as long as one person places an order for all, and before the May 1st deadline. If you have already placed an order for one belt, and want to add in another one, reach out to us and we will create an order for you with the correct discount.

Got Questions? We're here to help.