All-Natural, Authentic Leather Care

Getting down to the basics, there are two things you need to do for your leather goods -

Step 1 - Clean, Step 2 - Condition. It is as simple as that. And the best way to maintain your leather goods in top shape is to proactively follow the clean+condition regimen. Any good leather craftsperson will tell you the same thing.

For Cleaning, you would use a Saddle Soap. And for conditioning leather, you need a Leather Balm.

If you have purchased our Saddle Soap and/or Leather Balm, then follow along the instructions and videos for using(1) Saddle Soap and (2) Leather Balm

Saddle Soap Cleaning: Quick Step-by-Step Video

Whether you buy the Saddle Soap from the Godbolé Leather Care Range or any other such as Fiebings, the product is only as good as how you use it. It's not difficult at all, but you got to get a few basics right.

To clean leather, first dust with a dry cloth. Follow this with Saddle Soap, applied to a soft damp cloth in light circular motion to remove any dirt or grime. Saddle Soap will gently clean the leather. If it is hand dyed or contains natural pigments, colour bleed might happen. Some bleed is okay, but some dyes may not hold up to a water-based cleaning. So, test a small corner before cleaning the entire leather article. And proceed only if you are okay with the colour test.


Step-by-Step Directions for Using Saddle Soap

(1) Using a damp cotton cloth or an applicator brush, work up a lather and clean in circular motions.

(2) Once an area has been lathered up, wipe it down with a clean cloth. You will see the cloth draws out quite a bit of dirt, depending on how often you clean.

(3) The Saddle Soap will draw out all dirt, salt stains from sweat, and to some extent, stains on the leather. 

How often should you clean?

On a regular basis, clean and condition every 6 months. Otherwise, as required. Always follow up with Leather Balm for full grain aniline leathers.

Cleaning with Saddle Soap before using Leather Balm is always a best practice that will remove dirt and help the Balm absorb deeper into the leather thus conditioning it much better.

Leather Balm Conditioning: Step-By-Step Video

Using the Leather Balm can be therapeutic not just for your leather aricle, but also for you. There's just a few simple things you need to get right for the Balm to work well.

Whenever leather feels dry, rough or hard over time, nourish it with a small amount of Leather Balm with a soft cloth, or apply by hand. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Leather Balm may slightly darken the color of leather. The colour will normalize in about 2-10 hours, depending on how much Balm you use. Test how the leather will look by applying on a small area in an inconspicuous corner. In any case, the colour of your leather article will become richer after applying the Leather Balm.


Step-by-Step Directions for Applying Leather Balm

(1) Apply a very small quantity of the balm with your fingers in circular motions. You can also use a soft cotton cloth. The balm warms up as you massage it into the leather and gets soaked into the surface.

(2) Start with a little bit at a time, working it into the leather. Finish applying on entire leather article.

(3) If required, repeat after first round. Make sure not to dab a lot into one area as it can significantly darken lighter leathers.

(4) How to know you are done? The leather will darken after applying the balm. The leather will also become very supple when you finish applying the Balm to it.

A FEW NOTES: The more you apply, the darker the leather will get. Give it a few days and it will get much lighter. The darkening isn't a good or bad thing - it is a personal preference, and an indicator of how saturated the leather is getting with the Balm.

Conditioning is always a good idea as it prolongs the life of the leather.

All grain leathers are not the same. Leathers such as oil-pull up leathers have a higher oil content in them, and need less conditioning, while other leathers may have a lower oil content and need more conditioning. 

Depending on how dry your leather article looks and feels, use Leather Balm once every 3-6 months. If it hasn't been cleaned, use Saddle Soap before conditioning with Leather Balm.

Detailed Video on Leather Care

This is an older video from 2019, explaining in depth, the process of wallet care using our in-house leather care products.

Care Guide

Leather & Water

Leather is not waterproof! If leather gets wet, the most important thing to remember is to let it dry slowly. Gently dab with a dry cotton cloth and leave it in a dark, airy place, stuffed with a cloth / padding to retain its shape as it is drying. Once completely dry, condition it with some Leather Balm. Never Use a Blow Dryer.

Leather & Mold (a.k.a. Fungus)

If you have trouble keeping your leather goods free from mold, or fungus follow these instructions.

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