What's your Wallet Type?

At Godbolé Gear, we create designs that are simple and functional. Every wallet is made to last a lifetime. Which one is yours?

Classic Wallet

the traditional bifold

The Classic Wallet, our bestseller, is made for someone who likes dependability in a variety of situations. This wallet is very spacious and works well whether you are carrying a lot of very little in your wallet. Also good for holding taller currency notes.

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Coin Pocket Wallet

separate space for coins / key / photo / sim

The Coin Pocket Wallet is the same size as the Classic Wallet. It is for those that need a separate pocket for coins or other objects like a key.

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Slim Jim

seriously slim

This wallet's defining feature is a simple and profile. It is seriously slim because it has only 2 card pockets. These can stack multiple cards, if that's your style. It can store 4-6 cards with regular use and decent amounts of cash. It is almost the same form factor as the Mini Classic Wallet but it is much slimmer.

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Mini Classic Wallet

a compact classic wallet

Don't let the name mislead you, this wallet works very well for those who want something less bulky than the Classic Wallet. Can it hold taller currency such as the Euros? No. Does it work well for new Indian currency? Most definitely, yes. As compared to the Classic Wallet, this wallet is more compact - shorter in height, slightly less wide and much slimmer.

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Mini Coin Pocket Wallet

a compact coin pocket wallet

Just like it's larger version, this wallet serves someone that need a separate pocket for coins or other objects like a key. It is definitely slimmer and less tall than the Coin Pocket Wallet. It also has reduced carrying capacity but works well for someone who wants a small form factor.

Mini Coin Pocket Wallet

Slim Bifold No. 1

The striking feature of this wallet is its distinct square profile. It is a wallet that can easily hold 6-8 cards and decent amount of cash, even taller currency such as Euros. It has a different form factor than all other wallets. In terms of slimness, it falls between the Slim Jim and the Mini Classic Wallet.

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Card Wallet No. 1

a lifestyle choice over a fat wallet

Called a card wallet, but sized generously to hold enough cash folded up. This wallet is sleek, stylish and slim. Fits very easily into your shirt pocket or a clutch.

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Card Holder Wallet

why carry cash at all?

If you detest carrying cash, or simply like to carry some cards separately from your regular wallet, the card holder wallet might be the right choice for you. It will also accomodate your wishes and let you stow away a bit of cash.

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Need help deciding?

Choosing a lifetime wallet that's just right for needs a lot of thought, we get it! Send us a message and we will call/email you right back!

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