Traditional Bifold Wallets

Old-school, heavy duty leather wallets designed to hold your cards, cash and more. Stuff it to the brim and it will hardly ever complain.  View Product Listings of Traditional Bifold Wallets.
Design Options:
These wallets comes in 3 configurations:
Classic Wallet - The standard wallet with 6 main card slots, 2 back pockets (one on each flap) behind the card slots, and a cash compartment
Coin Pocket Wallet - A wallet with a separate coin pocket on the right flap of the wallet. The pocket is features a brass button closure. If you prefer, we can make one without the closure as well to reduce pocket bulk.
ID Pocket Wallet - Features a window on the right flap for an ID card or a photograph. We deliberately do not use plastic to cover it up since it can crack and cloud over time, lasting much lesser time than the wallet itself
(a) Choose one or two cash compartments. (b) Monogramming service available.
Leather Options: 
We specialize in making leather wallets using only leather that meets very specific criteria. We procure leather from a select few tanneries that are able to provide us with authentic full grain, vegetable tanned leather
(a) Currently available - A distinguished oil pull up cowhide leather made in India. The leather has a lot of beautiful natural markings and a natural tan color.
(b) Coming Soon - Vachetta leather, hand-dyed. This is a very beautiful and sought-after cowhide full-grain, vegetable tanned leather made in Italy.
Compare Traditional Bifold Wallets
Classic Wallet
Coin Pocket Wallet
Wallet with ID Pocket
Defining Feature
A simple, time-tested, symmetric design. Accommodates loose change. Features a window for an ID card or photograph
Internal Pocket Configuration
6 card slots + 2 large card pockets behind each row of card slots 3 card slots + 2 large card pockets + 1 slip pocket behind coin pocket 4 card slots + 2 large card pockets + 1 ID slot
Card Capacity
Carry between 8 -12 cards Carry between 6 to 10 cards  Carry between 7 to 10 cards
Cash Capacity
For one cash pocket, the wallet will carry 20 - 25 bills as you break in the wallet over time. For two cash pockets, the wallet can carry somewhere around 30-40 bills. These are indicative numbers and everybody has a different idea of how stuffed their wallet can get. 
All wallets have the same form factor of 4 inches length by 3 inches height. The length increases slightly for the two cash pocket versions. The thickness of a wallet in the closed position is around 1.5 cm (increases by 2 mm for the two cash pocket version and the coin pocket wallet)
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