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What's the difference between cowhide and buffalo hide leather? Which one is better?

The grain on buffalo leather is more prominent than on cow leather. The age of the animal of course matters and buffalo calf leather is much smoother than buffalo leather, and looks very similar to cow leather. 

All leather we source is tanned well and develops a great patina. All our leather is full grain. Full grain leather is rarer and is much nicer in look and feel. However it does need a little bit of care every few months to keep it looking nice.

There isn't much inherent difference in quality between cow and buffalo calf leather. Buffalo leather is supposed to be a little more abrasion resistant, however in realistic terms the difference is small.

Can you make a custom design for me?

We do not take custom orders. Every time we launch a new product, we invest 1-2 months in prototyping with careful consideration to its form factor, and construction techniques. We do not take on custom projects for this reason. But we do introduce new designs from time to time based on our customers' requests and feedback.

What is the leather thickness?

Starts at 1.2mm. Depending on the product, we use a leather of suitable thickness. To know more about a particular product, please refer to specifications on the product page itself.

What is vegetable tanning?

Vegetable tanning is an art and science. It is how raw hides have been tanned since centuries to product a firm, durable leather gets a wonderful patina with day to day use. Historically leather was tanned with fats and oils, tree bark high in tannins (hence the term “tanning of leather”) and even alum. This leather gets smoother and glossier with everyday handling. It also darkens with exposure to sunlight. 

Not only is vegetable tanned leather the most durable leather, it is also 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

It is a more expensive tanning process compared to chrome tanning, since vegetable tanning takes 30 days to many months, while chrome tanning has reduced the process to one day.

While it makes economic sense, it certainly doesn't produce leather with the same authentic feel or character as the good old days. Chromium salts also pose a environemental hazard when not processed responsibly, which happens more often than one would expect.

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What are your shipping timelines?

If you place an order for a standard option product from our website (no initials, no customization or personalization), we ship out your package within 2-4 days of receiving your order. Transit times can vary between 2-6 days across India. Shipping Origin is Mumbai.

What about products with monogramming?

If you requested for monogramming on a product, we make such products on order. Allow us 7-10 days to finsih working on your order. Once we ship, you should receive it within 2-6 days depending on your location in India. Package Origin is Mumbai

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