Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)
Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)

Minimalist Travel Wallet (Tan)

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This passport sleeve is a minimalist's dream come true. It can comfortably carry your regular or jumbo (48 pages) passport, along with your boarding pass, some cash, credit cards etc. We have put in a lot of elbow grease and love into hand stitching this beautiful travel/passport sleeve for you.

Made with vegetable tanned, oil pull-up leather, this is a full grain natural leather and is not coated with any artificial finish. Each piece looks slightly different because of natural color variation across the hide, veins, scars or tiny insect bites on the animal's skin. This leather is strong and resilient . It takes whatever life throws at it and develops a unique patina over time and will age beautifully.

The quality of leather and our careful craftsmanship gives ultimate strength and longevity while the beautiful natural markings bring character and beauty to an object of everyday use.


Tailored passport pocket in the center for up to two regular sized passports or one Jumbo passport
2 credit card pockets (can hold more cards if you stack cards in individual pockets)
One large versatile pocket for storing boarding passes and cash
Color: Tan
Breaking in

This passport case may feel significantly firmer in the beginning compared to leather goods you may have bought in the past. Since the leather is much firmer and thicker, it will need a "breaking in" period as it expands a bit to accommodate the things you put in it. Pockets will be a bit tight initially, but allow it some time and it will fit your things like a glove.


10.2 cm x 15.5 cm (closed position)



Grain: Full Grain
Tannage: Vegetable Tanned Cowhide
Type: Oil Pull up
Finish: Naked
Source: India
Feel: Smooth and Supple
Patina: Becomes darker and glossier the more it is used and cared for.  
Oil Pull Up Leather is a very distinctive type of full grain leather. It is pre-conditioned with a lot of oils for suppleness. It is not coated with any finishes, and can scratch easily. But it has a peculiar quality of self-healing. A little rub on the scratched area, and the scratches disappear!


Made in Germany, Braided Waxed Polyester, Rated Strength 20 kg

Making Process

Every product is carefully hand stitched and hand burnished. We maintain accuracy in our handmade goods.

It takes over 4 hours to carefully cut, hand stitch and edge burnish this leather passport sleeve.  

The wallet is hand stitched using a single thread and two needles. This is a time honored saddlery technique called  saddle-stitching that makes a very durable seam. The stitching will not unravel easily even if a couple of stitches break (unlikely since our thread has enough strength to hold up 20 kgs).

Shipping Details

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Return Policy

This is a final sale item, and we cannot accept returns/refunds on it. Custom and Monogrammed Products cannot be returned for exchange or refunds.

Warranty Details

This product has a three year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, subject to responsible use. A defective item will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Read Complete Terms.

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