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Reversible Leather Mouse Pad

Reversible Leather Mouse Pad

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A perfect addition to your WFH desk, this mousepad is designed and handmade to stand the test of time.

It will last you for years to come without peeling & cracking while looking elegant and timeless. The design has been kept intentionally free of all logos or embellishments to allow a smooth expanse for your mouse.

 Handmade with two thick layers of leather, this object of simply beauty will enrich your work life in more ways than one. 

What Sets It Apart:

Will not peel or crack over time unlike its cheap neoprene counterparts

Will not curl up at the edges over time thanks to its firm 4 mm thick leather body

Spill Safe - Easy to clean and maintain - can be wiped down easily with a damp cloth (avoid using cleaning sprays)

Grease and stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth since it has a smooth, lightly coated protective finish.

Generous 10 x 10 inch size 

The pad is reversible - break the monotony with two colors to suit your mood. provides ideal mouse friction and has been coated with a light surface finish making it very easy to maintain. Well suited for the elegant home or the office.

The quality of leather and our careful craftsmanship gives ultimate strength and longevity to an object of everyday use.

Reversible - made by stitching together two layers of leather
Hand stitched and hand burnished edges

10 inches x 10 inches, 4 mm thick



Grain: Top Grain
Tannage: Vegetable Tanned Cowhide
Finish: Water resistant, opaque finish
Source: India
Feel: Smooth and Firm
Patina: Light water resistant coating ensures it stands the test of daily use and abuse over the years. Ages beautifully.


Made in Germany, Braided Waxed Polyester, Rated Strength 20 kg

Making Process

Every product is carefully hand stitched and hand burnished. We maintain accuracy in our handmade goods.

It took 4 hours to carefully cut, hand stitch and edge burnish each mousepad.

The two layers of leather create a 4 mm thick mouse pad. These are joined together by hand stitched using a single thread and two needles. This is a time honored saddlery technique called  saddle-stitching that makes a very durable seam. The stitching will not unravel easily even if a couple of stitches break (unlikely since our thread has enough strength to hold up 20 kgs).


    Completely handmade with carefully selected full grain leather. Hand stitched using the saddle stitching technique and edges are burnished beautifully.

    Our wallets are designed and built to last a lifetime. The only material used in each wallet is 1.2 mm thick full grain vegetable tanned leather. No fillers, no fabric, no compromises.

    Making Process

    Unlike mass produced products, each wallet is made from start to finish by a single craftsperson. This instills a sense of pride and shows through in the quality of the creation.


    Care information

    Nourish with a leather care conditioner or creme. Never use harsh chemicals or detergents. Do not leave out in high heat environments (over 45C) for prolonged periods of time.

    Detailed Info on Materials Used

    This product has been made from select hides from the best grade of leather.


    Type: Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned

    Feel: Firm and supple

    Patina: Becomes glossier and smoother over time. High patina potential

    Leather Thickness: 1.2 mm

    Flesh (back) side: Smooth. Finished with gum tragacanth

    Animal: Buffalo Calf

    Source: India


    Type: Braided Waxed Polyester 0.6 mm, Rated Strength 20 kg

    Source: Julius Koch, Germany.


    Gum tragacanth, Beeswax. Source: India

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    What is Full Grain Leather?

    Full grain leather means the top most part of the grain has not been sanded off. This makes the leather strong and resilient. It takes whatever life throws at it and ages beautifully with a unique patina over time - giving each wallet a unique character.

    Built to Last

    no fillers, no compromises

    This leather wallet has been designed and built to last a lifetime. It has been meticulously handcrafted with 1.2 mm thick full grain leather and traditional saddlery techniques.

    Why Hand Stitching?

    We use a time-honored hand stitching technique called the saddle-stitch. This technique uses a single thread and two needles. A tiny knot is made between each stich, making it virtually impossible for the stitches to come off or unravel. Sewing machines cannot compete with the saddle stitch when it comes to durability of seams.

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