The Custom Stout
The Custom Stout
The Custom Stout
The Custom Stout
The Custom Stout

The Custom Stout

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Prices start at Rs. 16000. With the basic design of the "Stout" in mind we can handcraft a custom bag for you. Bigger, smaller, more or less pockets.

Whatever you have in mind contact us and we will schedule a call with you to discuss your requirements in detail.

Photos here show a custom Stout made on request for one of our customers. He had been using a Nikon DSLR bag for his daily carry (not as a camera bag) as well as for short trips. Fed-up with having to replace peeling PU leather and fraying fabric bags every year, he contacted us to put an end to the "use & throw practice". 

This particular Stout is 13 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 8 inches tall without its flap. It also has 2 easy access gusseted pockets on the outside that have solid brass button snap closures.

It is configured differently from the Stout Briefcase , but has been built using the same fundamentals and materials.

The Stout is a no-nonsense, super functional and nearly unbreakable briefcase. We have done away with frivolities like push buttons or magnetic snaps and moved back to classic old school Solid Brass Buckles which will never break. Every little bit of this bag is over-engineered. Solid brass buckles, solid brass swiveling Bolt Snaps for the shoulder strap and the Oil Pull-up leather give the briefcase a look that is stately and rugged all at the same time.....sort of like a Land Rover

The main body of the bag is made with two layers of 3.5 oz leather (total of 7 oz or 2.8 mm). What does that mean? It means, the main structural leather of this bag is at least 2-3 times thicker than any other regular bag and that the inside is completely lined with full grain leather.

All straps are made from 4 mm thick, extremely firm vegetable tanned leather. The top handle was designed to be just long enough that you have enough space for it to be usable and at the same time to stay flat and out of the way when not in use.

Made with 2 layers of vegetable tanned, full grain, oil pull-up leather this bag can take a lot of abuse. Each briefcase looks different because of natural color variation across the hide, veins, scars or tiny insect bites on the animal's skin. This leather is strong and resilient . It takes whatever life throws at it and develops a unique patina over time and will age beautifully.


Full Grain Leather

Tannage: Vegetable Tanned Cowhide
Type: Oil Pull up
Finish: Naked
Source: India
Feel: Smooth and Supple
Patina: Becomes darker and glossier the more it is used and cared for.  
Oil Pull Up Leather is a very distinctive type of full grain leather. It is pre-conditioned with a lot of oils for suppleness. It is not coated with any finishes, and can scratch easily. But it has a peculiar quality of self-healing. A little rub on the scratched area, and the scratches disappear!


Made in Germany, Braided Waxed Polyester, Rated Strength 20 kg

Breaking in

This bag may feel significantly firmer compared to leather goods you may have bought in the past. Since the leather is much firmer and and nearly 2-3 times as thick, it will need a "breaking in" period as it expands a bit to accommodate the things you put in it. The straps are quite firm, don't be afraid to give them a hard tug to get the straps out of the buckles.

Making Process

It takes nearly 120 man hours to carefully cut, hand stitch and edge burnish this bag. 

The bag is hand stitched using a single thread and two needles. This is a time honored saddlery technique called  saddle-stitching that makes a very durable seam. The stitching will not unravel easily even if a couple of stitches break (unlikely since our thread has enough strength to hold up 20 kgs)

Return Policy:

Since this is a custom order, it is not eligible for returns, unless of course you detect a defect on arrival. Read more about the Returns Process & Terms.

Please Note: Custom or Monogrammed products cannot be returned

Warranty Details

This product has a three year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, subject to responsible use. A defective item will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Read Complete Terms.