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Edit: Update Aug 1 2019 -

Pre-Orders are Now Closed!

Thank you one and all who made this event such a huge success! We will come up with different events in the future! 

We have started production in full swing and will be shipping out orders in sequence received. 

 Shipping Schedule
We will start shipping out orders on August 7. We will finish shipping out all orders on or before August 21. Please reach out to us with any special shipping preferences and we will try our best to accommodate your request.


Now taking orders for three colors in the Italian Leather collection

Hi Folks!

After our very successful pre-order campaign last month, we are launching our next campaign for our premium full grain leather sourced from Italy! We have introduced two more colors - Chestnut Brown and Lapiz Blue, and are taking pre-orders for Black as well.

20% off all Pre-orders until July 31

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 Frequently Asked Questions

How does pre-ordering work?

We will take pre-orders up to July 31, 2019. We will source leather, dyes and other required materials based on the orders we have received. We estimate that we will be able to ship out orders within three weeks i.e. by August 21, 2019. If you need it sooner, let us know and we will see what we can do about expediting your order.

Getting pre-orders allows us to make in small batches, with a predictable understanding of timelines and usage of materials. This means optimum utilization of resources, and savings we can pass on to you. 

I don't see all Godbolé Gear products listed under the pre-order sale. Why is that?

We are taking pre-orders for wallets only at this time. We are also trying to list these as fast as we can, but its going to take some time. Shoot us an email if you would like something from our range of wallets made in these colors and we will help you with your order!

What colors are available for pre-order?

We are offering three vibrant colors - Black, Chestnut Brown and Lapiz Blue.

Is monogramming offered on these wallets?

Yes! You can get your order monogrammed as an add-on service. Get your initials (up to three characters) in the Times New Roman font debossed on your purchase. Details on the product description page.

I need a custom design for a wallet. Can you offer the pre-order price on it?

We sometimes take on custom designs, but these designs are priced differently than our regular products. They require designing from scratch - making templates, cutting patterns and stitching plans etc. So, any custom designs will not be eligible for the pre-order price of 20% off.

About the leather

We searched far and wide and finally our quest ended when we chanced upon this beautiful Vachetta leather from Italy. It was like we had found the perfect leather to make our wallets with.

What is 'Vachetta' leather?

'Vachetta' leather is a very specific type of leather made in the Tuscan region of Italy. It is vegetable tanned using natural tannins like oak bark - a process requiring a lot of patience, skill and experience passed down through centuries and generations of Italian tanners. Needless to say, it is a full grain leather, meaning the topmost layer has not been sanded off.

The thickness of leather also matters greatly when considering the durability of our wallets. The leather we have used to make each wallet is 1.2 mm thick. For a comparison, mass-produced wallets are made with 0.3 mm thick leather. This leather is so special that it is used in less than 5% luxury leather goods worldwide.

Vegetable Tanning & Sustainability

'Vegetable tanning' in the Tuscan region of Italy is a slow, traditional process that takes around six weeks to convert raw hides into finished leather. It is a sustainable process that uses a by-product of the meat industry and converts it into a strong and durable leather that will last you a lifetime. The leather is completely biodegradable and no toxic effluents are discharged during the tanning process. In fact, the water generated from the entire tanning process is recycled for use in agricultural lands around the tanneries.

Compare this with the most widely used tanning process in the world - chrome tanning - which can produce leather within a day from raw hide. It is the most economical method of tanning, but it generates toxic and carcinogenic effluent wastes that must be treated before being released by the tanneries. Sadly, most chrome tanning facilities do not handle such effluent wastes responsibly.

About the dyeing process

The tanned leather we procure is naked. We individually hand-dye each piece of leather before assembling all the pieces together of a product. This gives a unique character to every product as you can see some fine brush strokes or light and dark areas as this natural leather receives dye differently in different areas. Our dyes are sourced from Italy, and they are non-toxic dyes safe on your skin.

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